Estate Planning in the Face of the Covid-19

Seeing the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise and recognizing that you could be touched by this disease, you may have started thinking about your estate planning.

There are some critical estate planning decisions you should make – or review – right now.

Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Who will make medical decisions for me should I become severely ill and unable to make these decisions myself?
  • Who will make my financial decisions if I become incapacitated — for example, who will be authorized to sign my income tax return, write checks or pay my bills online?
  • Who is authorized to take care of my minor children in the event of my severe illness? What decisions are they authorized to make? How will they carry the financial burden?
  • If the unthinkable happens – what arrangements have I made for the care of my minor children, any family members with special needs, my pets or other vulnerable loved ones?
  • How will my business continue if I were to become seriously ill and unable to work — even remotely — or in the event of my death?

These are some of the most important decisions to consider now to protect yourself and your loved ones during this emergency. We are ready to walk you through these decisions, help you to understand the ramifications of your choices, and memorialize your plans in legal documents. The attorneys at Hilary Carter Law are currently offering telephone and video conferences. Make an appointment now and let us help you make the right choices for yourself and your loved ones.